Fish Raceway

Photographed December 17, 2014
Waupaca, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
44.33242,-89.211296 (entrance to the park)
44.325329,-89.215652 (where to park to access the marker)
44.325513,-89.216768 (marker location inside park)

Fish Raceway
In 1976, fish managers filled this raceway with 20,000 hybrid tiger muskies and installed mechanical feeders. Why? To find out if muskies would eat food pellets dispensed from mechanical feeders instead of minnows. The experiment worked! Pellets significantly reduced both the cost and labor involved with raising muskies. This was the only fish experiment that took place here since the hatchery closed in 1954. Hartman Creek State Park opened in 1966.
The marker is located alongside Hartman Creek Number Five Dam in Hartman Creek State Park. The entrance to the park is at the intersection of Hartman Creek Road and Rural Road. There is parking next to Allen Lake, and the Dam is part of Allen Lake. The address of the park is N2480 Hartman Creek Road, Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981.

Muskie 411: Muskie (lots of info and photos for the Muskie enthusiast)

Fish Washington Species Info: Tiger Muskie

Wikipedia: Tiger muskellunge
The tiger muskellunge (Esox Masquinongy X Esox Lucius) is a carnivorous fish, and is the usually sterile, hybrid offspring of the true muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) and the northern pike (Esox lucius). It lives in fresh water and its range extends to Canada, the Northeast, and the Midwest United States. It grows quickly; in one study, tiger muskie grew 1.5 times as fast as muskellunge.[1] 
Friends of Hartman Creek State Park: History of Hartman Creek State Park 

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 The fish raceway!

 The pathway that crosses the Number Five Dam
(the marker is visible center left).

 View from the parking lot. Follow the pathway to the right,
turn left at the lake, and the marker is about 250 yards down a pathway.

 Follow the signs to Allen Lake -- the marker is near the Lake's Dam.

The marker is inside Hartman Creek State Park.

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