First Church at Muskego

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Muskego, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
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In a December 18, 1842 letter for an early pioneer priest, Father Martin Kundig, there is mention of a "MUSKEEGNAC LAKE parish, 10 miles west of St. Mary's Greenfield, with twenty-four families". This church, named St. Bridget, was planned to be built, but because of the shortage of priests in that early day, it never was.

Instead, the families attended Holy Assumption, a new parish at St. Martins, Franklin, which was founded April 13, 1847 by Father Kundig. In ten months time, he had organized 25 groups, eighteen of which planned to build their own churches. The priests after him visited the various homes of the Catholic families in the area to administer the sacraments, teach catechism where little groups of children could be assembled, offered Mass, and kept alive the faith of the people under his care. The area was considered St. Joseph's mission from 1847 to 1915. Mass was said about once a month for the congregation.

In 1872 a committee of five members influenced Father Hugh McMahon to build the fist [sic] church at Muskego on the Waterford Road near Lake Denoon. In the years following completion, several pastors from Waterford and Franklin oversaw the church. In 1887, the church was destroyed by fire, but then rebuilt. On March 1, 1915, St. Joseph's became a mission of St. Mary's Greenfield.

Services were discontinued in 1922. The church property was sold in 1937, and the building was razed.

From "25th Jubilee 1924-1949 St. Josephs [sic] Parish, Big Bend, WI"
The marker is located at Old Muskego Settlement Center on northbound Racine Avenue / County Highway Y, north of its V-intersection with Pioneer Drive, at or near W184S8074 Racine Avenue, Muskego, Wisconsin 53150.

Old Muskego Settlement Center
The property is operated by the Muskego Historical Society.

Click here to view all markers / memorials at Old Muskego Settlement Center.

The church is visible to the left.

First Church at Muskego is located at Old Muskego Settlement Centre.

Old Muskego Town Hall is located in Muskego, Wisconsin.

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