"Do I Smell Pizza-Burgers?"

© Photographed July 8, 2017
Erected 2014 by Muskego Historical Society
Muskego, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

"Do I Smell Pizza-Burgers®?"
This property was originally platted to Anson Taylor by President Martin Van Buren in 1840, then subsequently sold to William Pratt in 1854, thus being platted as part of Plattsburg in 1856. In 1866 this property was sold to John Schuet who pioneered Muskego Beach. In 1925 this property was sold to Muskego Beach Amusement Company which subdivided the land into the Muskego Beach Park Addition and became known as lots 19, 20 and 21. In 1938 the original buildings were constructed and operated as a seasonal soda fountain general store and year-round home by Gilbert and Grace Russe.

In 1946, two childhood friends, Paul (Mus) De Angelis and Hugh (Russ) McGrorty, returning from serving in WWII, dedicated to go into business together, purchasing this property with the first VA loan issued in the State of Wisconsin. The original restaurant specialized in homemade custard, burgers and hot dogs, but was soon changed to a drive-in restaurant format; giving birth to the "Big 3 Drive-In". The ever-enterprising pair held other jobs, as the restaurant started out as only seasonal.

In 1953, the forward-thinking friends invented the genuine Pizza-Burger® sandwich. They incorporated this new venture, therefore starting a long history of genuine Pizza-Burger® sandwich franchising and the creation of Pizza-Burger® seasoning. The "often imitated, never duplicated" genuine Pizza Burger® sandwich sold coast-to-coast, including Canada. At one point, over 1500 accounts served the genuine Pizza-Burger® sandwich. This family-owned business was overseen from one-room stone structure built around an original outdoor barbeque area. The "Big 3 Drive-In" thrived throughout the 1950s and 1960s, serving locals and visitors to Muskego Beach/Dandilion Park, as well as to cruisers and musicians, deeming the drive-in "the place" to hang out.

In the mid 1970s, Paul bought out his longtime partner, Russ, changing the drive-in to a family style  restaurant. "Muskego Restaurant" continued to operate until 1993 when the DeAngeles family decided to sell this property. Following the sale, this property was home to a butcher shop.

Pizza-Burgers® may no longer be served on this site, but Pizza-Burger System, Inc. is proud to remain a part of the Muskego fabric, successfully managed by the second and third generations of the DeAngelis family.
The marker is located on westbound Janesville Road / County Highway L, west of its intersection with Park Drive, Muskego, Wisconsin 53150.

Do I Smell Pizza Burgers? / History of the Pizza-Burger

 Looking west, with Janesville Road visible on the left.

No parking at this location; parking at business across the street.

The marker is located in Muskego, Wisconsin.

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