Willaim B. Peterburs Jr. Flowage

Photographed December 12, 2014
Erected by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin

On a hunt morning, November 20, 1969, Bill Peterburs found an emaciated carcass of a Canada goose and asked "Why?" That incident at Theresa Marsh began a 20 year crusade which was to define bill's life achievement and message. The achievement banning the use of toxic lead shot in waterfowl hunting and therefore, lead poisoning from our nation's wetlands. The message -- one individual with a mission, undaunted perseverance and selfless intentions can indeed make a better world for future generations. Twenty-seven years later to the day, on November 30, 1995, Bill closed the circle of his life on this earth. All involved in the preservation and appreciation of our earth honor and thank him with this memorial.
The marker is located on westbound Wisconsin Highway 28 between Mohawk Road (to the east) and Mole Road (to the west), Theresa, Wisconsin 53091.

Plenty of parking at this location.

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