The Fish Before Time

 © Photographed March 22, 2015
Shiocton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin
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The First Before Time
Sturgeon have been plying Wisconsin waters for aeons. these living fossils shared the waterscape with dinosaurs 200 million years ago and witnessed the advance and retreat of four major ice sheets. Rivulets of glacial meltwater provided a connection from the warm water refuge of the Mississippi River to Lake Winnebago. When the last ice sheet moved out of this area, the sturgeon moved in. Today, sturgeon take to the Wolf River every spring following prehistoric migration routes to engage in their ancient spawning ritual.
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The markers are located on the bank of the Wolf River and is accessible from northbound Old 54 Road, south of its intersection with West Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 54, Shiocton, Wisconsin 54170.

See also, "Stanley" the Sturgeon, very close to this location.

See also, "Stanley" the Sturgeon, very close to this location.

First visited November 14, 2014.

The markers are located in Shiocton, Wisconsin.

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