Sussex Mills & Bug Line RR

Photographed November 12, 2014
Erected 1990 by longest mill employee, owner Gordon Pfeil
Sussex, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
43° 7.938′ N, 88° 13.471′ W

Bug Line Railroad (Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls & Western Railroad) built in 1890; extended to Merton, North Lake after 1891. Bug Line was discontinued in 1978. On this site: Sussex Elevator 1890-1917 (Wm. & John Small); Sussex Cooperative 1919-1934; Nettesheim & Otto Inc. 1934-1945; Sussex Mills 1945-1990 (Hip Keller & Gordon Pfeil). Mill shipped, received grain, grinding, cleaning, mixing grains, coal yard and salt warehouse. Mill closed 1972. Became a lawn and garden in 1964, sold power equipment until close down October 27, 1990.
The marker is located on westbound Bugline Trail, west of its intersection with southbound Maple Avenue, just south of Maple Avenue's intersection with Main Street, Sussex, Wisconsin 53089.

NOTE: The marker is easy to locate and access.

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

The Bugline Trail is on the left.

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