Pewaukee Village World War I Veterans Memorial

© Photographed November 4, 2014 and July 8, 2017
Erected 1919 by the People of the Village and
Township of Pewaukee
Pewaukee, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

To honor all those who
served humanity in
the Great World War
and of all
following conflicts.

The marker is located on the northeast shore of Pewaukee Lake, at Lakefront Park, on southeast-bound West Wisconsin Avenue, south of its intersection with Capitol Drive, Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072.

See also, Pewaukee Veterans Memorial, also at this location.

The east (to the right) and south (to the left) sides of the memorial.

The west side of the memorial.

 Memorial at the base of the flag pole.

 The "Red Arrow" insignia on the south side of the memorial;
the 85th Infantry Division insignia on the north side.
The "Red Arrow" insignia honors the 32d Red Arrow Infantry Division and Brigade, formed from Army National Guard units from Wisconsin and Michiga. The 32nd Infantry fought primarily during World War I and World War II. Highway 32 in Wisconsin is named 32nd Division Memorial Highway after the Division, and signs along the highway bear the read arrows -- the Division's logo. The highway runs from the Illinois border to the Michigan border, along the eastern side of Wisconsin.

The circle is the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 85th Infantry Division aka "Custer Division", an infantry division of the United States Army. The 85th Infantry was active 1917-1919, 1942-45, and 1946-2007, serving in World War I, the Russian Civil War, and World War II.
 The pier behind the memorial.

The memorial is located at Lakefront Park in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

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