Photographed November 4, 2014
Erected by Harrington Beach State Park
Belgium, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
 (A) 43.497424,-87.810904
(entrance to Harrington Beach State Park)
(B) 43.496702,-87.794688
(park at the Welcome Center)
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Millions of years ago, Wisconsin was covered by a vast, shallow inland sea, teeming with marine life. Over time, the shells of animals such as gastropods and corals became fossilized in limestone deposits. Twelve thousand years ago during the last ice age, a glacier advancing toward Lake Michigan made striations, or scratches, in the exposed limestone.

Look for fossils and striation marks on the bare limestone at Quarry lake.

Gastropods (snails) and corals fossilized in limestone deposits.
The marker is located deep inside Harrington Beach State Park. Use the above GPS coordinates to (A) arrive at the park entrance, (B) park your vehicle at the Welcome Center, and begin the 18-marker journey through the park, to the shores of Lake Michigan, and around Quarry Lake. The address to the entrance to Harrington State Beach Park is 531 County Road D, Belgium, Wisconsin 53004.

NOTE: You will need a Wisconsin State Park annual pass or day pass to access the marker; the marker is inside a fee-to-enter area.


The marker is No. 14 on the Harrington Beach State Park "Stonehaven" Historic Trail.

 Access to the markers begins near the Welcome Center.

The markers are along the scenic trail, which begins
adjacent to the parking lot for the Welcome Center.

Go past this gate to access the markers.

 There is plenty of parking adjacent to the Welcome Center.

The marker is located at Harrington Beach State Park.

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