Southeastern Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Photographed October 19, 2014 and September 13, 2015
Dedicated October 20, 1991
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
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Dedicated 20 October 1991

To recognize the contributions
of all veterans who served

The three main columns symbolize
the veterans
Those killed in action -- Those who returned
Those who remain MIA/POW

The five benches represent the branches
of the military
Army -- Navy -- Marines
Air Force -- Coast Guard

The eleven outer posts signify
the recognized years
of the war in

The memorial is located along Oak Leaf Trail at Veterans Park on northbound North Lincoln Memorial Drive, just north of where East Mason Street becomes North Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202.

NOTE: This is a difficult memorial to access. I used street parking on southbound North Lincoln Memorial Drive (there is no parking on northbound North Lincoln Memorial Drive). There is also a parking lot for Veterans Park; then walk a distance to the memorial. Use the Google Map link to view the location before heading out.

Milwaukee County War Memorial Center: Southeastern Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Dedicated on October 20, 1991, this moving memorial has become the focal point of Veterans Park at Milwaukee’s Lakefront.

Three Wausau Red Granite columns stand 22, 26 and 30 feet high and represent those Killed in Action, P.O.W./M.I.A.(s), and those returned home.

The five granite benches behind the columns symbolize the five branches of the military.

The eleven granite posts encircling the memorial signify each (officially recognized) year of the Vietnam War. The inner circle of bricks is reserved for those who served in the Vietnam War.  The outer circle is for veterans of other wars and conflicts or for anyone who wishes to show their respect and support.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commemorative Bricks
Commemorative bricks are available for purchase through the War Memorial Center office.  Bricks are engraved with the name of the veteran or individual and dedicated on Memorial Day.
Bricks s are installed twice a year in April and October, weather permitting. The purchase deadline for April installation is March 6. For the October installation the deadline is September 6. Brick purchases made after these dates will be installed the following April or October. 

The foregoing content used with gracious permission of  Milwaukee County War Memorial Center.

This group of veterans gathers annually.
This past year (2014) they had lost two of their members.
They were at the memorial for their annual gathering at the time of my visit.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, for your service to our country!

Photographed March 28, 2015 -- View from Juneau Park.

The memorial is located at Veterans Park
(and can be seen in the distance, to the right).

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