Old Sauk Trail

Photographed October 26, 2014
Erected 1939 by Solomon Juneau Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
Shorewood, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43.083651,-87.891542 (marker location)
43.083773,-87.8904 (entrance to parking lot to access marker)

Here passed the Old Trail
used by the Sauk Indians

The marker is located at the entrance to the Shorewood River Club aka Hubbard Park Lodge, 3565 North Morris Boulevard, Shorewood, Wisconsin 53211.

NOTE: This marker is tricky; GPS had some difficulties. Check the Google Map before heading out and the marker will be easy to locate.

The marker is barely visible because of the shrubbery.

This tunnel leads to the marker's location in front of
Hubbard Park Lodge.

The parking lot --the tunnel leading to the marker can be seen
in the distance to the right of center in this photo.

Follow the signs to Hubbard Park.

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