Messer / Mayer Mill

Photographed October 22, 2014
Erected 2009 by Washington County Landmarks Commission
Richfield Historical Park
Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin
43.265699,-88.256073 (entrance to the park)
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Village of Richfield, Wisconsin
The Messer/Mayer Mill is a three and one-half story, front-gabled grist mill on a raised fieldstone foundation and sheathed with narrow clapboard siding. The interior contains the original milling equipment dating from 1873 to the early 20th century, much of which was supplied by the Edward P. Allis Company of Milwaukee. First floor equipment includes Allis provided millstones and roller mills. Flour sifting, bolting, and grain storage bins are located on the second floor. George T. Smith middling purifiers, enabling production of high-grade white “Alaska Patent Flour,” are on the third floor. Machines and equipment related to the Oliver Evans’ grain elevator system and the James Leffel & Company turbine are in the basement.

The Messer/Mayer Mill, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, contributed to the early industrial and commercial growth of the Town of Richfield at Pleasant Hill. The mill produced flour into the 1930s and was the only grist mill in the Town of Richfield between 1879 and 1925. The cattle feed grinding business operated out of the mill from the late 1890s until 1954.

The property includes an intact 19th century homestead and a number of outbuildings all constructed by the Messer and Mayer families.
The marker is located at Richfield Historical Park. The entrance to the park is located on eastbound Pleasant Hill Road, between Wisconsin Highway 154 (to the west) and Hillside Road (to the east), Richfield, Wisconsin 53076.

This a fabulous property -- scenic, serene, and beautiful, with numerous historical buildings and markers.  One road winds through the park, so it's impossible to miss any of the stops documented on this post.

Richfield Historical Park is owned and managed by the Richfield Historical Society. Currently, the Historical Society is working hard to build a restoration fund to get the historic Messer / Mayer Mill grinding again. Click here to learn more about the Mill's history and the restoration project.

This marker is No. 09-001 in a series of markers placed by the Washington County Landmarks Commission.

The beautifully restored Messer / Mayer Mill.

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