Messer / Mayer Mill House

Photographed October 22, 2014
Richfield Historical Park
Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin
43.265699,-88.256073 (entrance to the park)
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The Messer/Mayer Mill house was home for the mill operator and family. The north half was built in the 1960s by Andrew Messer, builder of the mill. It consisted of a kitchen, parlor on the mail floor with three bedrooms upstairs.

After Andrew's death in 1874, his wife Louisa Byenther Messer sold the property to his mother-in-law's brother, John George Mayer and his wife, Juliana Mueller Mayer. Their son, Karl Wilhelm (known as C.W.), purchased the property from them around 1885. C.W. and wife Mary Anna Kurtz Mayer had seven children and built the south half of the house around 1890. The addition included a new kitchen, pantry, back room with access to the root cellar and three bedrooms upstairs. Also added were clapboard siding, new windows and Victorian style woodwork. When C.W. died in 1917, two of his sons George and Milton became the owners with Milton eventually selling his interest to George.

George and Martha Maurer Mayer lived here for many years and raised two children, Vernon and Carol. They added electricity, but still no running water. After Martha died in 1969, George lived alone in the house until 1971.

In 1974, the property was sold to an out-of-town family. The Town of Richfield purchased the property in 1997. Under a long term lease, the Richfield Historical Society restored the house, summer kitchen, barn, outhouse, smokehouse and woodshed.
The marker is located at Richfield Historical Park. The entrance to the park is located on eastbound Pleasant Hill Road, between Wisconsin Highway 154 (to the west) and Hillside Road (to the east), Richfield, Wisconsin 53076.

This a fabulous property -- scenic, serene, and beautiful, with numerous historical buildings and markers.  One road winds through the park, so it's impossible to miss any of the stops documented on this post.

Richfield Historical Park is owned and managed by the Richfield Historical Society. Currently, the Historical Society is working hard to build a restoration fund to get the historic Messer / Mayer Mill grinding again. Click here to learn more about the Mill's history and the restoration project.

With the Mill House in the background.

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