Lincoln's Turner Bodyguard

© Photographed October 26, 2014
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 2.63′ N, 87° 54.953′ W


8th Batallion

These 13 Turners were the Last Survivors in 1911 of the Dauntless Band Who Formed
the Bodyguard at Lincoln's Innaguration, March 4, 1861, and Then Marched
from Their Turnplatz to the Fields of Battle.

The marker is located on the second floor of Milwaukee Turner Hall, located on northbound North 4th Street, north of its intersection with West State Street / U.S. Highway 18, at 1034 North 4th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203.

Lincoln's Turners | CHAMPIONS of FREEDOM, A Tribute to Lincoln's Turners
Based on an address of Governor George JH, Earle of Pennsylvania. Address delivered in Soldiers' Memorial Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 13, 1938, to reconsecrate four flags borne by Lincoln's Turner bodyguard in 1861.

Milwaukee Turner Hall

Wikipedia: Turners

The marker is on the second floor of Milwaukee Turner Hall.

Milwaukee Turner Hall is located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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