Holy Hill

 Photographed October 22, 2014
Erected 1977 by Washington County Landmark Commission
Hubertus, Washington County, Wisconsin
43° 14.646′ N, 88° 19.724′ W
(Marker location -- B on Google Map)
(Entrance to Holy Hill -- A on Google Map)

Holy Hill stands 1340 feet above sea level and 250 feet above the surrounding country-side. It has been a place of inspiration and worship for many years. In 1857 Roman Goetz and Mathias Werner erected a 15 foot white oak cross on its summit. A log chapel followed in 1863. Since then buildings have been enlarged or replaced as needs arose. In 1906 the care of Holy Hill was entrusted to the Carmelite Fathers and Brothers. Today, Holy Hill, one the better known Catholic Shrines in the United States, attracts over 500,000 visitors annually.
The marker is located at the entrance to the Visitor Center / Gift Shop at Holy Hill, at 1525 Carmel Road, Hubertus, Wisconsin 53033.

NOTE: GPS is not happy in this hilly, wooded area.  The entrance to Holy Hill is at the intersection with eastbound Holy Hill Road / Wisconsin Route 167 and Carmel Road. Carmel Road then winds about half a mile to a huge, several-tiered parking lot. Depending on how busy it is, you could have quite a hike to the marker's location at the entrance to the Visitor Center. Be sure to check the Google Map before heading out!

On a personal note -- this place is amazing! I'm not Catholic, and I'm not particularly religious -- but Holy Hill is very special and the Fathers warm and welcoming. I also recommend taking the tour, and climbing the Scenic Tower (see the photos below). 

Holy Hill: History

The marker is one a series of markers placed by the Washington County Landmarks Commission. Unlike the other markers in the series, this marker has not been assigned the usual five-digit number.

 View of the Basilica from the parking lot.

 The marker is tucked in the corner to the left of the entrance doors.

 View of the basilica from the marker location.

 The View Tower is the tower to the right.

 See the stairs? 

Sign at the intersection of Holy Hill Road and Carmel Road.

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