Photographed October 19, 2014
Erected by Eppstein Uhen Architects and the City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 2.33′ N, 87° 54.612′ W
On September 25, 1997 Eppstein Uhen Architects-Milwaukee, presented this replica of "Gertie" to the City of Milwaukee, in appreciation of their 90 year partnership.

Gertie is the mallard that captivated the City and the Nation in 1945. Replacement of the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge pilings were postponed when it was discovered that Gertie had made a home for her future family under this bridge. Gertie diverted attention as the world watched and awaited the arrival of this Mother's ducklings. At a grim time of war and depression in our nation's history Gertie and her family represented new life and hope.
Eppstein Uhen Architects gratefully acknowledges
sculptor Gwendolyn Gillen, Mayor John Norquist, the RiverWalk District
and the City of Milwaukee in their support.

"Gertie" is located on the Wisconsin Ave Bridge on westbound East Wisconsin Avenue, between North Water Street (to the east) and North Plankinton Avenue (to the west), Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202.

NOTE: This is no parking anywhere near Gertie. You will need to park on a nearby street or parking facility.

Wikipedia: Gertie the Duck
Gertie's story began in April 1945 when Milwaukee Journal outdoor writer Gordon MacQuarrie reported that a mallard duck was nesting on a wood piling under the Wisconsin Avenue bridge.[2] A total of nine eggs were laid and the duck kept vigil atop her nest despite throngs of visitors and motorists stopping on the bridge daily to check the progress of the expectant mother. Mother's Day cards began arriving for the mallard, the Boy Scouts formed a Gertie Patrol and a Wisconsin Humane Society officer was stationed to watch the brood as six of the nine eggs eventually produced chicks.[3]

Public interest continued to swell as wire services picked up MacQuarrie's stories. Gertie and her nest were photographed by the Journal and local rival Milwaukee Sentinel, featured in Life Magazine and even had a front page story in the United Kingdom's Daily Express.[4] Readers Digest ran a story on Gertie entitled "The Duck That Made Milwaukee Famous".[5]

Despite flooding, storms and fire on some nearby pilings, five ducklings and Gertie survived the ordeal and were put on public display in the nearby Gimbels department store windows, where more than 2 million visitors peered in to see the famous feathered family. The ducks were later relocated to the Juneau Park lagoon on Milwaukee's lakefront.[1]
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Examiner.com (April 9, 2009): Milwaukee's Gertie the duck

Gertie's ducklings are everywhere!

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