Charles Ingram House (1899)

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The City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission has erected a number of "Historic Building" markers. These are small, silver metal markers a top a brown wooded 2x4 post, mounted on a wooden backing that is covered with a wooden "roof", and are part of a comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan to "preserve and enhance the cultural and historic resources within the City of Eau Claire." The markers are placed in front of the significant building / site.  Click here for an example of the marker and its placement.

Marker Location:
Erected 1983 by City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin
44° 48.4′ N, 91° 30.33′ W
The marker is located on northbound 3rd Avenue, at its intersection with Lake Street, at 617 3rd Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703.

Marker Inscription:
Historic Building
Built in 1899, a significant Colonial Revival style designed by architect Cass Gilbert. Charles Ingram was the son of one of Eau Claire's prominent lumbermen, O. H. Ingram. He held a number of positions in his father's Empire Lumber Company.
Designated District November Seventeen
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Three

City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission: Charles Ingram House

Cass Gilbert Society: Ingram Residence
This residence is believed to have been designed by St. Paul architect Cass Gilbert. Gilbert's nationally known work included the Minnesota State Capitol (1904) and the Woolworth Building in New York City (1913).

Charles Ingram, the eldest child of lumberman Orrin H. Ingram, was born in  Eau Claire in 1858. He held a succession of positions within his father's Empire Lumber Company, and in particular was responsible for maintaining the supply of good draft animals that was essential to the logging industry.
The above image and content used with gracious and generous permission of Eau Claire Landmarks Commission.

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