Omro Woolen Mill (1874-1875) (2)

© Photographed May 3, 2017
Erected by Omro Area Historical Society
Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
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Omro Woolen Mill     1874-1875
251 E. Main Street
This large, massively built cream brick industrial building was built to house a woolen mill, but due to a financial panic, the machinery was never installed. The mill stayed vacant until the mid-1880's, when it housed the Thompson and Co. carriage works, one of Omro's largest manufacturing concerns. Afterwards it housed the Omro Felt Works, the Omro branch of the North American Hosiery Co., and other local enterprises.

In 1928, the building was purchased by George Daggert to house the wholesale feed and produce business. Daggert's firm and those of his descendants continued to use the building until the late 1970s, and it is still generally known as "Daggert's Mill". In 1987, the eastern portion of the building was removed and the mill was renovated and converted into apartments.
The Omro Woolen Mill is located on westbound East Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 21, at its T-intersection with Monroe Avenue, at or near 251 East Main Street, Omro, Wisconsin 54963.

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 The marker is to the left of the building entrance.

 The marker is visible in the lower left corner of the center tower.

© Photographed August 21, 2015

The Omro Woolen Mill is located in Omro, Wisconsin.

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