Homme Home for Aging "Waisenhus"

© Photographed August 26, 2014
Erected 1996 by From the Pineries to the Present
Heritage Tourism Area
Wittenberg, Shawano County, Wisconsin

Homme Home
for Aging
Reverend E. J. Homme, alive to the interests of attracting others to the wilds of central  Wisconsin, conceived with others the idea of founding a home for orphan children, as no such institution existed among the Norwegian Lutherans of America.

Throughout the winder and spring of 1882, work was pursued on the foundation and building of the orphan's [sic] home. The house was named Waisenhus (children's home) and opened on August 26, 1862 with 4 orphans and 1 aged man. Soon the need for Waisenhus to be an orphan house only was apparent and a new home was built in another location. the Waisenhus home now became The Home Homme For [sic] the Aged, existing for over 100 years.

Reverend Homme's vision for helping the aged and infirm [sic] continues today in the existing compled.
From the Pineries to the Present
Heritage Tourism Area

The marker is located at Homme Home for the Aged and is accessible from northbound South Webb Street, north of its intersection with West College Avenue, at or near 604 South Webb Street, Wittenberg, Wisconsin 54499.

Homme Incorporated of Wisconsin

See also, Jerusalem Church of Lunds, a related marker at a nearby location.

Homme Home for the Aged, Wittenberg, Wis.

The marker is just south of the Homme Home main entrance.

Homme Home for Aging is located in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

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