Hanging Out at Peninsula State Park

© Photographed August 18, 2014 and April 12, 2017
Erected by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,
Wisconsin State Park System, Friends of Peninsula State Park,
Stewardship, Wisconsin Bat Program
Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin

Hanging Out at Peninsula State Park
Roosting close together to stay warm, Little Brown Bats raise "pups" in this bat condo every summer. The structure captures heat through sunshine, too. Inside, eight bundles of bround baffles offer enough space for more than 1,000 bats.

Bats are important predators of night-flying insects, including agricultural and forest pests. But, habitat loss and white-nose syndrome (a fungal disease) threaten the future of all hibernating bats. White-nose syndrome has killed up to 99% of Little Brown Bats at hibernation sites in the eastern U.S. and is spreading across the country. What does the future hold for Peninsula's bats?

The Wisconsin Bat Program, established in 2007, is working to conserve bats and bat habitat. Through partnerships with land managers and private citizens, it has helped conserve over 100 roost sites and created new roost locations like this condo.
The marker is located inside Peninsula State Park, at Welckers Point, at a turnout on the "water side" of Shore Road, at the tip of the Peninsula, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

NOTE: This is a fee area; a Wisconsin State Park System sticker or daily use fee are required.

Wisconsin State Park System: Peninsula State Park

Wisconsin State Park System: Peninsula State Park: History

Friends of Peninsula State Park: For Now and the Future

Wisconsin State Natural Areas Program: Peninsula Park Beech Forest (No. 12)

Peninsula State Park: Summer Use Map (in PDF format)

Use the "Peninsula State Park" label below to view all markers inside the park; there are several.

 Northern Door County Bat Species
Little Brown* Myotis lucifunfus
Big Brown* Eptesicus fuscus
Northern Long-eared* Myotis septentrionalis
Eastern Pipistrelle* Perimyotis subflavus
Eastern Red Lasiurus borealis
Silver-haired Lasionycteris noctivagas
Hoary Lasiurus cinereus

*Listed as state threatened in Wisconsin.
Bats at Peninsula State Park
Bats have been raised young at Welcker's 
Point since at least the 1970s.

If you find an injured bat, or see a bat on
the ground, DO NOT PICK IT UP.
Phone Park Headquarters at
or contact a park ranger.

Gibraltar High School students and community volunteers constructed the condo in 2013. In the center photo below [sic] Little Brown Bats roost in between [sic] baffles.

The marker is located at Welckers Point.

The marker is located inside Peninsula State Park.

The marker is located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

The marker is located in Door County, Wisconsin.

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