Gravesite of Chief Highknocker

© Photographed August 8, 2014 and November 19, 2017
Green Lake, Green Lake County, Wisconsin

The gravesite is located in the south side of Dartford Cemetery, and is accessible from eastbound North Street / County Highway A, at its intersection with King Street, at or near 1662 North Street, Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941.

NOTE: The gravesite is located in the south side of the cemetery, in the section between North Street (to the north) and Scott Street (to the south).

Chief Highknocker was the last Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) chief to rule the Green Lake area. He was born in 1920; he died Saturday, August 12, 1911 (I'm researching this post and writing this Tuesday, August 12, 2014!!!). He drowned attempting to swim across the Fox River from Berlin to Green Lake. He was given the name "Highknocker" by the white locals because of the stovepipe hat he always wore.

Find-A-Grave: Chief Highknocker
Lots of interesting information here!

These are also at this location

The chief's gravesite is easy to access.

First photographed August 8, 2014.

The chief is buried in the "old" (south side) of the cemetery . . .

 . . . as opposed to the "new" (north side) of the cemetery.

The north and south sides of the cemetery
are divided by North Street.

Chief Highknocker is buried in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

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