© Photographed August 8, 2014
Green Lake, Green Lake County, Wisconsin
43° 50.21′ N, 88° 57.52′ W

The Native Americans who occupied this land 10,000 years before the arrival of European settlers referred to this magnificent body of water as Daycholah. From lookouts like this, Native Americans viewed the lake and paid homage to "the spirit who dwells beneath the water."

Near this location, an unusual open square earthwork was built circa 1000 A.D. Lost to development, this structure and many burial mound sites surrounded the shores of Green Lake.
The marker is located at a small park on southbound Lake Street, at its intersection with eastbound Illinois Avenue, near 501 Illinois Avenue, Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941.

Daychola Part 1 (YouTube)

  Views of Green Lake from the bottom of the hill.

 Looking up towards Illinois Avenue from the bottom of the hill.

Look for this sign, which is visible from the street
(the marker is not visible from the street).
Marker is visible at the center of this photo, to the right of the bench.

The marker is located in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

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