The Lutheran Indian Mission

Photographed July 16, 2014
Erected by From the Pineries to the Present Heritage Tourism Area
Gresham, Shawano County, Wisconsin
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The Lutheran Indian Mission
Early Christian beginnings from 1734 were apparent before the Mohican Indians first moved into Wisconsin in 1821. 

In 1856, when the Tribe moved from Calumet County to Shawano County, Reverend Jeremiah Slingerland, a tribal member, served as Pastor [sic]/teacher of the Government school until his death in 1884. Government support of this arrangement continued for several more years with Tribal funds. 

In 1982, at Tribal request, Reverend Nickel from Shawano agreed to provide services in addition to his duties in Shawano. He held the first biweekly church service in the Government schoolhouse in April of 1898. The following year, twenty (20) acres of land (where you now stand), on the east end of a small lake, was purchased to build a church and school. The church and school annex (at your left) was [sic] dedicated on July 14, 1901. The dormitory (on your right [sic] opened in 1908. In 1921, when a new dormitory (not standing) was built, the original two (2) [sic] story dormitory became the school. 

The Lutheran Indian Mission strengthened early Christian roots and served as the spiritual and education center of the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe. The Mission school that began in 1902, operated as a boarding school until 1933, with 120 students boarding and approximately 20 day students in attendance. The little Mission School closed in 1058, after providing almost sixty (60) years of Christian education. 

The original Indian Mission, church, and dormitory are still utilized as church and parish hall for the Immanuel Lutheran Congregation. These buildings are listed on the National Registry [sic] of Historical [sic] Places.
From the Pineries to the Present 
Heritage Tourism Area

The Lutheran Indian Mission is located on eastbound County Road G, at its intersection with Meadow Lane, Gresham 54128.

This is a wonderful links with loads of photographs and historical information.

The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin: Shawano County.

See also a second marker, The Lutheran Indian Mission School, also at this location.

Another building on the property . . .

Services are still held at the church!

The view directly across from the marker location -- breathtaking!

The area is part of the "Stockbridge-Munsee Community
Hardwood Forest Reforestration [sic] Project"
Planted May 2003

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