Site 8: Bishop Burrell House

Photographed July 24, 2014
Erected by The National Flag Day Foundation
Waubeka, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Chief Waubeka Historical Trail
Site 8
Bishop Burrell House
Bishop Burrell was best known as the local brew master. Burrell operated the local brewery located on the parcel of land now occupied by the County Highway Department.

The hops, [sic] grain needed in the brewery process, [sic] was stored in the hops house, now a private residence, located immediately north of the Burrell home. The upper floors of the building were constructed of 14 inch [sic] white oak planks.

Bishop Burrell's daughter, Alfreda, would become a well respected [sic] local school teacher. Ms. Burrell was instrumental in the founding of the predecessor to the National Flag Day Foundation and helped to establish one of the first 4-H clubs in the state [sic] of Wisconsin.
The marker is located at a private residence on southbound Cigrand Drive / County Highway H, between County Highway Z (to the north) and Memorial Drive (to the south), Fredonia, Wisconsin 53021.

The marker is included in the Chief Waubeka Historical Trail created by the National Flag Day Foundation.

The property is currently a private residence.

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