Shorelines and Sedge Meadows / Weborg Point

Photographed July 20, 2014
Erected by Wisconsin Sate Park System
Peninsula State Park, Door County, Wisconsin
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Shorelines and Sedge Meadows
Weborg Point
Peninsula's eight-mile shoreline is ever changing. Some years, a soggy cobblestone coast cradles sparse populations of unusual flowers. When water is high, crayfish thrive in crevices of the rocky coast, providing food for abundant smallmouth bass.

Here at Weborg Marsh, a wet "sedge" meadow adds more diversity. Sandhill cranes feed on snails and cattail tubers that live between clumps of tussock sedge. American redstarts nest in the brush along the wetland's edge. Nearby, shallow water provides spawning habitat for northern pike and yellow perch. The same resources that help wildlife survive today helped people survive long ago.

On the sedge meadow's eastern horizon stands a thick forest of cedar and spruce trees. It is part of 30-acre White Cedar Forest State National Area, established in 1952. Can you distinguish several tree-lined terraces? They mark abandoned beaches formed thousands of years ago by changing water levels in the Lake Michigan basin. 
The marker is located on the "land side" of Shore Road inside Peninsula State Park, at a roadway turnout at the Sunset Bike Route, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

NOTE: This is a fee area; a Wisconsin State Park System sticker or daily use fee are required.

Wisconsin State Park System: Peninsula State Park

Wisconsin State Park System: Peninsula State Park: History

Wisconsin State Natural Areas Program: Peninsula Park White Cedar Forest (No. 13)

Friends of Peninsula State Park: For Now and the Future

Peninsula State Park: Summer Use Map (in PDF format)
Use the "Peninsula State Park" label below to view all markers inside the park; there are several.

View of Strawberry Channel / Green Bay from the marker location.

Looking across Green Bay to Chambers Island from marker location.

Weborg  Point, Circa 1900.

 In the early 1900's, a foot bridge offered precarious passage across Weborg Marsh.

Increase Claflin and his kin settled here in 1842, pioneers in a changing land. A Claflin daughter married a Thorpe, forever connecting the two families. Asa Thorpe built the first pier in Fish Creek. The Thorpe-Claflin Cemetery lies at the edge of Weborg Marsh.

The male American Redstart sports bright orange wing patches. It crafts a cup-shaped next in the fork of a young tree. The next, built of grass & [sic] bark shreds, is often lined with spider webs.

Kathleen Klein displays a string of perch and one bass caught of Peninsula. Circa 1941.
The marker is at an entrance / exit on the Sunset Bike Route.

 The marker is located inside Peninsula State Park.

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