Harrington Beach State Park "Stonehaven" Historic Trail

Photographed March 20, 2015
Erected by Harrington Beach State Park
Belgium, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
 (A) 43.497424,-87.810904
(entrance to Harrington Beach State Park)
(B) 43.496702,-87.794688
(park at the Welcome Center)

The Harrington Peach State Park "Stonehaven" Historic Trail is located deep inside Harrington Beach State Park. Use the above GPS coordinates to (A) arrive at the park entrance, (B) park your vehicle at the Welcome Center, and begin the 18-marker journey through the park, to the shores of Lake Michigan, and around Quarry Lake. The address to the entrance to Harrington State Beach Park is 531 County Road D, Belgium, Wisconsin 53004.

NOTE: You will need a Wisconsin State Park annual pass or day pass to access the marker; the marker is inside a fee-to-enter area.


Harrington Beach State Park Map showing locations of markers (download the PDF)

The Harrington Peach State Park "Stonehaven" Historic Trail
NOTE: Some of the markers on the trail have gone missing . . .

The Whittaker home site. Search for its remains.

No. 2: Pot Kiln
Where settlers burned limestone in the late 1800s to change it into lime. Look close to find lime from the last firing on the bottom.

Remains visible in the woods as a round depression about 6 feet deep and 2,700 square feet in area.

Built by the Lake Shore Stone Company in the early 1900s. Remnants of homes still remain.

Circa 1900, part of the cement foundation still remains.

Neat, uniform houses characterized company towns. You can still see the foundations of the Italian House and the Austrian House that once housed bachelors.

Only the pilings remain of a once powerful stone crusher built in 1902 that could handle 1,500 yards of stone each day.

No. 8: A Reminder of Days Past (missing)
Leveled in the 1970s, an industrial chimney was the sole reminder of the early 20th century business that prospered here.

Remnants of foreman Sebastian ‘Bus’ Krier’s comfortable house still remain here today.

This was once a place for Company Town recreation, now the present-day point picnic area.

No. 11: Water Transport (missing)
Only fragments remain of a pier that once extended more than 700 feet into Lake Michigan here.

No. 12: Murder!
After falling in love with a fellow worker August Falcineli’s wife, Dominic Manna shot August to death.

No. 13: Excess Soil (did not locate)
Here workers once stood beside ‘donkey engines’ that were used to haul soil from the quarry.

No. 14: Limestone
Look for fossils and striation marks on the bare limestone at Quarry Lake made twelve thousand years ago during the last ice age.

40 years after the quarry closed, Harrington Beach State Park was established into this quiet, peaceful scene that contrasts with its former life as a quarry and company town.

No. 16: A Unique Dinner Bell (missing)
Take a look at this interesting rock. See the remains of a machine-drilled blasting hole. Workers set off dynamite each day at noon and again in the evening as they left the quarry.

These markers are also on / near the trail:

 Access to the markers begins near the Welcome Center.

The markers are along the scenic trail, which begins
adjacent to the parking lot for the Welcome Center.

Follow this road to the gate . . .

Go past this gate to access the markers.

 There is plenty of parking adjacent to the Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center . . .

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