County Fairs

Photographed July 9, 2014
Erected 2001 by Kewaunee County Historical Society
Luxemburg, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

The earliest record of a fair held in Kewaunee County was from November 1860. It was held in the dancehall at the Steamboat House in Kewaunee, now the site of the Karsten Hotel. Various attempts to stage a fair took over a period of years. In 1873 the Kewaunee Agricultural Society announced its first annual fair. Land was purchased in Kewaunee and a racetrack was built. But by 1900 it was defunct. Joint Door-Kewaunee County fairs were held in Door County in the early 1900s.

Meanwhile, there were in the Luxemburg area, a number of horsemen who were interested in raising, training and racing horses. There was no place to race, but eventually a course was laid out at Scarboro where races were held.

In 1918 a group of these people proposed a fairgrounds on the western edge of Luxemburg Village. Their friend and spokesperson seemed to be Julius Cahn, a influential Luxemburg resident who had his fingers in many enterprises. The first race track was developed and the grandstand constructed with donated labor. Materials for the latter were purchased for $1500. The grandstand was of wood construction and was built in two stages. It was in continuous use until April 2, 1970, when it was blown down in a windstorm.

Since 1918, the fair has been held annually except for 1955 when it was cancelled due to the polio epidemic.

Over the years, a variety of grandstand shows and midway attractions were added. Eventually the fair was underwritten by Kewaunee County and buildings and the grandstand were replaced. Exhibits are still a part of the fair, but they too have changed over the years. You no longer see teams of oxen, homemade butter and shingles, earthenware made from local clay or embroidered suspenders competing for prizes at the county fair.
The marker is affixed to a pole on the back side / north side of the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds grandstand, on the grounds of the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. The entrance to the fairgrounds is located at the intersection of Elm Street and Fourth Street, Luxemburg, Wisconsin 54217 (see photos below).

NOTE: The above GPS coordinates will deliver you to the marker's exact location at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds.

Kewaunee County Fair (Official Website)

The marker is No. 17 on the Kewaunee County Historical Society Driving Tour.

The marker is on the back side / north side of the grandstand.

The north side of the grandstand. The marker is affixed 
to the 7th metal beam from the left.

At the entrance of the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. Once past the
entrance, turn right and follow the road to the grandstand (you can't miss it).

 Signage leading to fairgrounds entrance.
(I couldn't believe the timing of this tractor's arrival!!! So Wisconsin!!!)

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