Zippin Pippin

Photographed May 5, 2014
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin

Zippin Pippin
The Zippin Pippin, designed by John Miller, was originally built in 1923. Miller, a renowned wooden coaster designer, also designed Bay Beach Amusement Park's original roller coasters, "The Greyhound" and "The Jack Rabbit". The Zippin Pippin is a classic, out and back coaster design that reaches the height of sixty five (sic) feet, and travels at speeds up to forty five (sic) miles per hour. The coaster was originally named "The Pippin" and (sic) in 1976, upon the opening of "Libertyland, "Zippin" was added to the coaster's name.
The Zippin Pippin was operated as part of Libertyland in Memphis, Tennessee (sic) until 2005. On March 19, 2010, Bay Beach purchased the original Zippin Pippin design and naming rights. The coaster was built using entirely new materials and opened May 7th (sic), 2011 (sic) in its new home at Bay Beach  Amusement Park.
The marker is located at the Zippin Pippin ticket booth at Bay Beach Park, on Pottowattomi Avenue, near its intersection with Bay Beach Road, near 2548 Pottowattomi Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302.

The Zippin Pippin, Green Bay, Wisconsin (YouTube)

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The ride was being tested for the 2014 season at the time of my visit
(empty cars can be seen at the top of the roller coaster).

The ride was being tested at the time of my visit.

The marker is located at Bay Beach Park.

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