Providing Stability for the Ship under Sail

Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
The centerboard, fitted through the keel of the ship, was housed in the centerboard trunk, a vertical water-right box. Twenty-five and a half feel long by nine feet high, the center-board was raised and lowered by means of a winch and chain located on the deck.

Weighing over a ton, the centerboard of the Lottie Cooper could be suspended as far as twenty feet below the keep to prevent the vessel from slipping sideways through the water when sailing abeam or up into the wind. Thus is significantly improved stability and maneuverability when the schooner was under sail.

Because Great Lakes schooners served any small communities located on relatively shallow waters, they needed to be able to lower their center boards while undersail and raise them when they entered shallow harbors, rivers and canals.
The marker is located on northbound Broughton Drive at the entrance to Deland Park, alongside the ruins of the Lottie Cooper, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081.

Use the "Deland Park Walking Tour" label below to identify all markers at Deland Park; there are many.

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 The marker is to the left, up against the ship's hull.

The marker and the remains of the Lottie Cooper are at the
southern entrance to Deland Park.

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