Official 45 x 90 Club

Photographed October 8, 2014
Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin

The Official 45 x 90 Club is located at the Wausau Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitor Center, 219 South Jefferson Street, Wausau, Wisconsin 54403.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: In order to be a member of the Official 45 x 90 Club, you first have to visit the 45 x 90 Geographical Marker located about 25 miles west of the Club location. The marker is super easy to find, with directional markers leading the way. When you come to Wausau to pick up your coin, be sure to sign the book, too (see below).

See also, 45 x 90 Geographical Marker, related to this post at a separate location.

And a big thank you to Andrew Wildman who sent me an e-mail and suggested this was a marker I wouldn't want to miss. He was so right!!!

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A big thank you to Lisa Berry at the Wausau Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitor Center who encouraged me with my historical markers project and provided me with the opportunity to take all of the following photos:

This is the official binder, with the signatures of people from all around
the world who are members of The Geological [sic] 45 x 90 Club.

The notarized and duly recorded August 10, 1978, Club Charter,
written by founder John R. Gesicki, personally "for the present and future populace".

Page 1 of the notebook. John R. Gesicki was the first to sign; 
two more Gesickis followed.

The first out-of-state visitors from Long Island, New York and Burbank, California.

The 45 x 90 Club is located at the Wausau Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitor Center.

The Wausau Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitor Center, is located in historic
downtown Wausau; there is a lot to see and do in addition to joining the 45 x 90 Club.

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