Moe Hardware

Photographed September 6, 2013
Painted 2007 by local artist Susan Sampson
Black River Falls, Jackson County, Wisconsin

- Since 1896 -
In 1880, 20 year old Peter L. Moe came to work at Jones & Murray Hardware & eventually gained ownership in 1896 – renaming it P.L. Moe & Co.. Pete & Anna raised six sons. Rollin "Junk" and Alvin "Beaner" became owners in 1947, in 1975 Beaners son William "Bill" & wife Sally became owners and have since raised their four children in the business. Moe Hardware, is proud to be the oldest family-owned, retail business and are honored to have served Jackson County since 1896. 
The mural is located on westbound Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 54, west of its intersection with Water Street / U.S. Highway 12, at 33 Main Street, Black River Falls, Wisconsin 54615.

Moe Hardware Hank and Sporting Goods

Take a stroll through history! The History murals displayed throughout downtown Black River Falls and Jackson County celebrate the history, culture, heritage and ethnicity of Jackson County. Contact the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce for detailed information at 800-404-4008.
Black River Country Wisconsin: Art in the Outdoors

Click here for a list of all murals photographed to date and to learn more about the mural project.

 Left side of the mural . . .

. . . right side of the mural.

The mural is located in Historic Downtown Black River Falls.

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