Marker 486: Brady's Bluff

Photographed September 5, 2013
Erected 2003 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Trempealeau, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
44° 0.964′ N, 91° 28.579′ W

Brady's Bluff was designated a State Natural Area in 1952 to preserve the high quality ecological systems found here. This uncultivated 65 acre remnant is characterized by steep, dry prairies, exposed cliffs, and oak woodland. The bluff, a favorite hiking destination, was named for Bridget and John Brady, Jr. whose pioneer family settled here in 1860 and held the property until it became part of Perrot State Park in 1918.
The marker is located near a parking area just inside the fee area at Perrot State Park, W26247 Sullivan Road, Trempealeau, Wisconsin 54661.

See also, Marker 133: Perrot's Post and French Post Marker, also at Perrot State Park.

Trail leading to the marker
(marker is to the left of the brown signs)
(the marker is visible from the parking area)

The marker is located inside Perrot State Park.

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