Marker 357: New Richmond Cyclone

Photographed July 13, 2015
Erected 1997 by Wisconsin Historical Society
New Richmond, St. Croix County, Wisconsin
45° 6.509′ N, 92° 32.292′ W
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The New Richmond Cyclone of 1899 remains the most disastrous tornado recorded in Wisconsin history. On the hot summer evening of June 12, with little warning and amazing force, a tornado swept through the thriving agricultural community of New Richmond, a city of about 2,000 people. In the tornado's path lay the entire business district, several Victorian neighborhoods and a visiting circus. The destruction was swift and brutal. Within minutes structures collapsed and fires ignited, leaving 117 people dead, another 150 injured, 230 buildings destroyed and over 400 animals lifeless. The next day volunteers began arriving on relief trains followed by medical teams and the state militia. Many tourists thronged to see the destruction; a few came to loot. Despite the grief and loss, most of the surviving New Richmond residents remained in the city and rebuilt their homes, churches and businesses. Five months later the community had over one hundred new buildings.
The marker is located on Campus Drive, just south of its intersection with Homestead Drive, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017.

A gruesome photo of the tornado damage (NOTE: this photo is graphic)

 Looks like the marker's had a makeover!

First photographed September 15, 2013:

Signage leading to marker location.

The marker is located in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

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