Marker 335: Fort Defiance

© Photographed September 27, 2013
Erected 1995 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin
42° 47.786′ N, 90° 7.761′ W

Fort Defiance was one of the last garrisoned stockade forts constructed in territorial Wisconsin. Located in the booming lead mining region, an area of early settlement, the fort was built by local settlers in 1832 when developing tensions over Indian rights erupted in the Black Hawk War. Although Fort Defiance did not undergo attack, it did have a garrison of about forty militia men who were said to be among the best drilled in the territory. The fort stood on the hill about 300 yards east of here and was enclosed by a sharply pointed palisade of heavy timbers set face to face, creating an almost impenetrable wall except for the musket loop holes. Measuring 80 feet wide by 120 feet long and 18 feet high, Fort Defiance had two blockhouses located at opposite corners of the stockade. Within the walls were two buildings used to accommodate the garrison and the families of settlers in case of siege. There are no visible remains left of Fort Defiance.
The marker is located on southbound Wisconsin State Route 23, at its intersection with Irvine Lake, Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565.

This marker is included in the "black hawk war" marker series. Use the "black hawk war" label, below, to locate all markers in this series included on the Wisconsin Historical Markers website.

The Black Hawk War of 1832

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 Signage leading to marker location.

The marker is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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