Marker 258: Bow and Arrow

© Photographed July 13, 2015
Erected 1979 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Hager City, Pierce County, Wisconsin
44° 35.66′ N, 92° 30.577′ W

The rock outline you see on the distant bluff is an archeological curiosity. Jacob V. Brower, a Minnesota archeologist, observed this formation in 1902 and interpreted it as a bow and arrow. In 1903 he wrote, "Some of the stones representing the bowstring are displaced. The intention seems to have been to represent a bow and arrow drawn to shoot toward Lake Pepin." Modern archeologists think the boulders may form a bird effigy, but no one has reached a definite conclusion. Although it is an old, well-known landmark, perhaps even ancient, its origin and age are unknown and it is no part of the Indian lore of this region. Boulder alignments made by Indians exist in other states, but this is the only one known in Wisconsin. Was it made by Indians? Is it a bow and arrow or a bird? It remains a mystery.
The marker is located at a highway pull-off on The Great River Road (State Highway 35), south of its intersection with U.S. 63, Hager City, Wisconsin 54014.

This gets a Wisconsin Historical Society "official" marker??? Totally don't get it!

UPDATE: August 22, 2016: Thank you to NightShadow for his comments. Forced me to research the "Bow and Arrow" and turns out it's in all my photos. First, take a look at these photos, so you'll know what to look for:  Wisconsin Mounds: Bow and Arrow Effigy -- then follow the photos below and I'll point out the Bow and Arrow:

The Bow and Arrow is visible to the left, between the tree and the marker.

The Bow and Arrow is visible to the left, between the tree and the marker.

The Bow and Arrow is visible above the orange post,
between the tree and the stone pillar.

First visit September 15, 2013
The bow and arrow is clearly visible on the left, to the right of the tree.

 Plenty of room to access this marker.

  Signage leading to marker location.

The marker is located in Pierce County, Wisconsin.


NightShadow said...

Seriosuly - WHERE IS IT? We couldn't find this rock formation to save our lives! NOTHING anywhere around that marker even vaguely looks like what is described.

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

I did some more research and FOUND the Bow & Arrow! It's also described as an effigy mound -- and it turns out it's in all my photos: here's a link with some better photos:

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