Marker 22: Site of Fort St. Antoine 1686

 © Photographed September 13, 2013
Erected 1955 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Stockholm, Pepin County, Wisconsin
44° 27.926′ N, 92° 13.473′ W

Nicholas Perrot was a daring adventurer, fur-trader and able diplomat. The handsome Frenchman built Fort St. Antoine on the shore of Lake Pepin near here in 1686. Alarmed by the aggressions of the English, the French government felt it was necessary to repeat their claims with sufficient pomp and ceremony to impress the Indians and to assure their allegiance. Accordingly, here at Fort St. Antoine on May 8, 1689, Perrot formally took possession of the entire region west of the Great Lakes "no matter how remote" in the name of Louis XIV. When A.W. Miller surveyed this area in 1855, he reported the fort site occupied "a space of about sixty by forty-five feet, and stood about seventy feet back from the point of highest water mark on the lake shore".
The marker is located on the banks of Lake Pepin on The Great River Road (Highway 35), south of its intersection with County JJ, near Stockholm, Wisconsin 54769.

 A gorgeous day overlooking Lake Pepin . . .

The marker is located on the Wisconsin Great River Road.

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