Marker 19: Lake Ripley

Photographed August 12, 2013
Erected by Wisconsin Historical Society
Cambridge, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
43° 00.180′ N, 89° 00.133′ W
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As a boy Ole Evinrude (1877-1934) lived near Cambridge. His father hoped to keep him on the farm and when Ole built a sailboat like he had seen in a picture book his father destroyed it. In a secret place in the woods the boy built another. Here on Lake Ripley, as his father watched from shore Ole sailed the well-built craft with all the instinctive skill of his Viking ancestors. Soon after, he left for the city to work as a mechanic. In 1908 he invented an outboard motor and founded a new American industry.
The marker is located at a parking lot at Lake Ripley Park. The entrance to the park is on northbound Park Road, north of its intersection with U.S. 12. There is a fee to enter the park; the attendant waived the fee when I told him my purpose was to photograph the marker and then leave.

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1910 patent for Ole Evinrude's outboard motor

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