Jefferson Davis

© Photographed July 24, 2013
Erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin
43° 2.826′ N, 91° 8.792′ W
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1808 - 1889
Lieutenant United States Army
Assigned Fort Crawford 1831
Served here with distinction
during Black Hawk War
Hero in Mexican War 1846-1848
United States Congressman
Senator, Secretary of War
Confederate States of America

Erected by
The United Daughters of the Confederacy

The marker is located at Fort Crawford Military Cemetery, 413 South Beaumont Road, south of its intersection with West Cass Street, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 53821.

Wikipedia: Jefferson Davis

See also, Fort Crawford Military Cemetery, also at this location.  

So how does a Confederate President get a marker in Union Wisconsin? Because before the Civil War, all these officers had been comrades at West Point and had served together at posts around the United States. When the Civil War started, they had to choose sides. Jefferson Davis was born in Kentucky and grew up on plantations in Mississippi and Louisiana. He chose on the side of the Confederacy. 

The marker is on top of the pink granite boulder to the right.


carptrash said...

So is this a monument to the CSA?

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

No, it is not. It's an historical marker relating the history of Wisconsin.

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