Pottawatomie Light Station

Built in 1836; automated 1956
(the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin)
Rock Island, Door County, Wisconsin
45.42757, -86.82813
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The only way to access this lighthouse is by boat. The lighthouse was visited during the Door County Lighthouse Festival as part of the Island Clipper Tour.

What follows are photos in the order taken, as we first approach Rock Island and see the lighthouse from the water (above), and then as we walk the 1.25 miles from the dock (on the other side of the island) to the lighthouse.  We spent more than two hours on the island. It was magical!

WPT in Wisconsin: Lighthouse Docent (another excellent video)
I wish I'd watched this before I went! There was such a long line to get inside, I opted out. Had no idea what I'd missed until watching this video. Just means I'll have to go back!

 The Island Clipper docked at Rock Island

 The lighthouse or the beach?? -- easy!


 The most treacherous spot -- steep steps on an incline . . .

 Breathtaking beauty!

 Familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown???

 See also, Beacon on the Bluff

Had an amazing drink of water from this well

 Passing barge, visible from lighthouse location

 Back at the dock, this kayaker arrived . . .

 Rock Island in the distance, as we head off to the Plum Island Range Lights . . .

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