Gus Klenke Garage

Ellison Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
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I have no idea where I was on Highway 42 when I came upon the Gus Klenke Garage, and I forgot to check my location with TomTom. I have since learned from the links below that I was north of Ellison Bay. Fact is, you can't miss it. It jumps out at you and begs to be admired and photographed. 

UPDATE: Gus Klenke Garage is located on the northwest corner at the intersection of Highway 42 and Garrett Bay Road, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin 54210.  I also found this information about the garage from "Ellison Bay - Life at the Top":
At the corner of Highway 42 and Garrett Bay Road stands the old Klenke Standard Station. Next to it, Gus Klenke's old pickup truck is still parked. 

Gus came to Ellison bay in 1918. He worked for Ed Evanson making cheese in the building where the garage is today. In the late ‘20s, it became a garage and sold Standard Oil products. For years it was one of two garages in town, the other being Johnson’s Mobil Station. Gus Klenke was legendary for helping many a fisherman or farmer repair a broken machine, often by improvising a part from scrap metal. Mrs. Klenke was a school teacher, and the first president of the Women’s club.

The Klenke's also owned summer cottages, which were operated by their two daughters. Gus also raised bees as a hobby and produced many pounds of honey annually, which he sold at his garage. If you talk to some of the older residents of Ellison Bay you can still get some lively Klenke stories of his adventures.

Why Gus Klenke Garage?

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