WRL-55: The Wampum or Mexico

© Photographed March 29, 2014 and October 31, 2018
Dedicated August 8, 1909
Erected by Manitowoc County Historical Society
Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
44° 5.839′ N, 87° 42.248′ W


Chief of the Chippewa
Ottawa and Menominee
Indians of Manitowoc Co

Signed the treaties of
Butte des Mortes - 1827
Green Bay - 1828
Prairie du Chien - 1829
Chicago - 1833

Friend of the Early Settlers

The marker is located on eastbound Broadway Street, at its intersection with North 44th Street, near 4409 Broadway Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220.

This marker and location are included in the Wisconsin Registered Landmarks program (1964-1973).

Discovering Lewis and Clark: A Jefferson Peace Medal

In 1793, while serving as President Washington's Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson wrote:
Giving medals and marks of distinction to the Indian chiefs . . . has been an ancient custom from time immemorial. The medals are considered as complimentary things, as marks of friendship to those who come to see us, or who do us good offices, conciliatory of their good will towards us, and not designed to produce a contrary disposition towards others. They confer no power, and seem to have taken their origin in the European practice, of giving medals or other marks of friendship to the negotiators of treaties and other diplomatic characters, or visitors of distinction. The British government, while it prevailed here, practiced the giving medals, gorgets, and bracelets to the savages, invariable. We have continued it, and we did imagine, without pretending to know, that Spain also did it.
Thomas Jefferson to William Carmichael and Willliam Short, the U.S. Commissioners to Spain, June 30, 1793. Paul Leicester Ford, ed., Writings of Thomas Jefferson, 10 vols. (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1892-99), 6:336

Photo used with gracious permission of
and gleaned from page 2 of:
by Kerry A Trask, Associate Professor of History
(1983 Series)

 With Broadway Street in the background.

At the T-intersection of Broadway Street and North 44th Street.

First photographed March 29, 2014.

 Looking northwest.
View of the Manitowoc River that flows beneath the monument.

 The monument is between the two trees,
on the top of the bluff.
The monument is located in Manitowic Rapids, Wisconsin.

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