Packer Heritage Trail Marker 16: Curly Lambeau's Birthplace Home

Erected 2012 by Packers Heritage Trail Foundation
Sponsored by Ronald L. Olson & Kenneth G. Calewarts
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin

Earl Louis “Curly” Lambeau is Green Bay's most famous native son and the driving force behind the city's most treasured jewel. The storied Green Bay Packers were largely his creation, and they've become his lasting legacy.

Born in 1898, Lambeau first attracted attention when he starred in football at Green Bay East High School. When he graduated from the school in 1917, his senior class prophecy read: "When I get thru (sic) with athletics I'm going out and conquer the rest of the world."

Maybe Lambeau fell short of that pie-in-the-sky goal, but only a man of his wild dreams and unbridled aspirations could have had the foresight to seek a franchise for little Green Bay in a newly formed professional football league and then be the driving force behind its survival.

The Packer's mere existence in a league of big cities is a phenomenon. Their grassroots ownership is unique. Their storyline is as compelling and inspiring as any in professional sports.

And nobody had more to do with that than Lambeau.

"I've said many times that if it hadn't been for Curly Lambeau, there would have been no Vince Lombardi," Lee Remmel, the Packers' eminent historian, once said. "There would have been no Green Bay Packers."
The marker is located on southbound North Irwin Avenue, between University Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 57 / 54 (to the north) and Elm Street (to the south), at 617 North Irwin Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302.

NOTE: There is no parking at the marker location; park across the street in the school parking lot (see photo below).

See also, Brown County: Packers Heritage Trail and Packers Heritage Trail Map, for a complete list of markers and their locations.

The official website of the World Champion Packers

 There is no parking in front of the house,
but there is plenty of parking in the parking lot across the street.

 See also, The Birthplace Home of Early "Curly" Lambeau, also at this location.


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