Marker 61: Fort Winnebago

© Photographed April 1, 2017
Erected 1957 by Wisconsin Historical Society
 Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin
 43° 33.294′ N, 89° 26.073′ W
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In the autumn of 1828 a permanent fort was built on this site by the First Regiment of the United States Infantry under the command of Maj. David E. Twiggs, later a general in the Confederate Army. The fort was constructed primarily to control the important Fox-Wisconsin portage and to protect American traders from interference by the Winnebago Indians. Lieut. Jefferson Davis, later president of the Confederacy, served here after graduating from West Point. The fort was garrisoned until 1845 and was destroyed by fire in 1856. The only remaining portion is the restored Surgeon’s Quarters on the hill across the highway. Not far from here (entrance road a half mile west on this highway) is the fully restored Indian Agency House, built in 1832 by the Government for Indian Agent John Kinzie and his bride, Juliette. Mrs. Kinzie’s book “Wau-Bun” contains many interesting episodes of life at Fort Winnebago and in the surrounding community. 
The marker is located at a small park on westbound East Cook Street / Wisconsin Route 33, just west of its intersection with County Road F, Portage, Wisconsin 53901.

A Brief History of Fort Winnebago
By Helen Rawson Columbia County Reporting Correspondent
for the American Local History Network - Wisconsin

The marker is directly across the road from Old Fort Winnebago Surgeon's Quarters.

This marker is included in Wisconsin's Maritime Trails: Historical Markers series.

The marker is visible in the distance,
to the left of the West 33 sign.

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
Surgeon's Quarters -- Old Fort Winnebago -- Portage, Wisconsin

Photographed October 7, 2014

 The marker is located in Portage, Wisconsin.

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