Green Lake Veterans Memorial

© Photographed November 3, 2012 and November 19, 2017
Sponsored by The American Legion and Auxiliary
 Green Lake, Green Lake County, Wisconsin
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Some Did Not Come Back

1917 - 1918
James M. Chapel, Jr.
Harvey R. Cole
John L. Davis
William G. Malzahn
Earl E. Willis

1941 - 1945
David A. Bartol
Marvin E. Bierman
Myron T. King
Robert L. Miller
Paul C. Pagel
Charles H. Thrasher

Dartford Cemetery is located on North Street / County A at its intersection with King Street, Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941. The memorial is in the "new" side of the cemetery, on the top of the small hill, near the Highway 23 (which can be seen behind the marker in this photo).

The trees have grown a lot in five years!

Marker to the right of the memorial.

Marker to the left of the memorial.

Some of the veterans buried near the memorial:

The memorial, visible at the end of the driveway,
is located at Dartford Cemetery.

The memorial is located in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

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