Marker 17: Lizard Mound County Park

 NOTE: Missing Marker
West Bend, Washington County, Wisconsin
 43.469068,-88.140746 (entrance to the park)
Google Map
43.464581,-88.139553 (where the marker was once located)

This park, named for its most outstanding mound, contains thirty-one fine examples of effigy mounds. Effigy mounds are low earthworks usually built in the shapes of birds or animals. Though used for burial purposes, a mound seldom contains more than one or two remains.

From the excavations of the mounds and camp-sites, archeologists have gained some knowledge of the life of this prehistoric group of Wisconsin Indians. It is known that they lived in small scattered bands. They depended largely on hunting and fishing for food though some gardening was practiced. Most of their tools and weapons were made of stone, some of wood and bone, and, in rare instances, copper. Pottery vessels were used for cooking.

Except for a few examples in adjoining states effigy mounds are found only in Wisconsin.
I was unable to locate this marker.

Lizard Mound Park is located at 2121 County Highway A, Town of Farmington / West Bend, Wisconsin 53090.

Lizard Mound Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

See also, Welcome to Lizard Mound Park and Lizard Mound Park, also at this location.

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