The Paine Art Center and Gardens

Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin

The Paine Art Center and Gardens is located at the intersection of Algoma Boulevard / U.S. 21 and Congress Avenue / U.S. 21, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901.

I learned about Ansel Adams in the late 1970's from my then husband, an avid and gifted photographer who worshiped and strove to emulate his hero. I went to the Paine Art Center today specifically to see the Ansel Adams exhibit (the first time I've ever seen original photos) and to hear the curator's lecture (which was amazing). I was very, very sad to learn that Ansel Adams did a lot of his work in the darkroom, "adjusting" his photographs. All this time, I've been committed to being a "purist" (thinking I was following the example of Ansel Adams) -- i.e., no photoshopping or altering of my photos. Turns out, this is what Adams was a master of. I'm totally shocked and bummed. 

Winnebago Lady
Donal Hord (1902-1965)
Cast Bronze Gift of Jessie K. Paine 

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