Liberty Tree Memorial

 Photographed September 14, 2012
Waupun, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
43.637855, -88.730604

Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp Act. From that day forward that elm became known as “The Liberty Tree.” It stood in silent witness to countless meetings, speeches and celebrations, and became the rallying place for the Sons of Liberty. In August of 1775, as a last act of violence prior to their evacuation of Boston, British soldiers cut it down because it bore the name “Liberty."
Elm Research Institute, Keene, NH

The marker is located at Shafer Park on southbound North Madison Street / County Highway M, between East Spring Street (to the north) and Monroe Street (to the south), near 345 North Madison Street, Waupun, WI 53963.

The Liberty Tree Memorial Society

Wikipedia: Liberty Tree
. . . a rallying point for the growing resistance for the rule of Britain over the American colonies.

The following are also located at Shaler Park:

Bostonites tar and feather a British tax collector under the Liberty Tree.
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The Waupun Walls of Glory can be seen in the background.

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