Grassy Island Range Lights (by land)

Photographed September 17, 2012
Illuminated November 15, 1872
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.53619, -88.00516

Grassy Island Range Lights
Illuminated Nov. 15, 1872

Commissioned by Congress in 1866, the lights
were built in 1872 on Grassy Island, 1.5 miles north
of this location. In 1966 they were transported
from the island to the north side of the Green Bay
Yachting Club harbor. They were moved to their
current site in 1999, when the "Lighthouse Keepers"
began restoration. Each structure is lit with a 
sixth-order Fresnel lens.

The lights were placed on the State of Wisconsin
Register of Historic Sites on October 15, 2004
and the National Register of Historic Places on
November 5, 2005.

 Vintage postcard screenshot provided by
Postmarked June 10, 1938
Grassy Island Lighthouse, Green Bay, Wis.

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