Marker 26: Dawn Manor: Site of the Lost City of Newport

Photographed October 7, 2014
Erected 1955 by Wisconsin Historical Society
Lake Delton, Sauk County, Wisconsin
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Here on the Wisconsin River the village of Newport was begun in 1853, planned for a population of 10,000. Assuming that the Milwaukee & LaCrosse Railroad would cross the river here, over 2000 settlers quickly came to Newport, causing a lively land boom. When the bridge and dam were ultimately located a mile upstream after an alleged secret moonlight survey, Newport was almost completely deserted in favor of Kilbourn City (today Wisconsin Dells). Only Dawn Manor, with its servant quarters, remains. Dawn Manor was completed in 1855 by Capt. Abraham Vanderpoel, friend of Lincoln and signer of the Wisconsin Constitution. The home is built of Potsdam sandstone, white mahogany and white pine, put together with brass screws and wooden pegs. Dawn Manor houses the art collection of George Raab, one of Wisconsin's famous artists.
The marker is located off southbound County Highway A on an unnamed roadway alongside Lake Delton, between East Hiawatha Drive and Dam Road / Old County Highway A, Lake Delton, Wisconsin 53940.

NOTE: Since my first visit in June 2012 and my second visit in October 2014, signs have been added forbidding access to the road adjacent to the marker. All October 2014 photos were taken with a zoom lens.

The Milwaukee Sentinel: The Lost City of Newport (June 18, 1952) 

 A Wisconsin Dells Duck Tour arrived as I was taking photos.
Now how cool is that!? I wonder if the guide mentioned
the historical marker to his guests??

And off they go . . . woo hoo!!

I shared my photos on the Original Wisconsin Ducks Facebook Page,
and got this very nice reply:

Original photographs from June 29, 2012:
This was my first Wisconsin Historical Marker, and what set me on my journey,
which led to this website, now at nearly 3,500 posts . . .

These gargoyles are so cool!

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